Raymond Azzarelli's entrance into the construction business was almost by accident. Born in Pozzallo, Sicily, he had come to Kankakee in 1911 to work for the railroad. During his free time, he sold fruits and vegetables door to door from a horse and cart and later by truck. In 1936, he bought a 40 acre farm in an effort to enlarge his growing fruit and vegetable business. The farm on the current site of Kankakee Valley Construction Co. had rich sand deposits, excellent for construction, but not so good for raising crops. He purchased some trucks to haul sand, and a business was born. In 1948, with the help of his five sons, Joseph, Bartle, Peter, Sam, and John, the Azzarelli Trucking and Excavating Company was formed and in 1955 was incorporated as Azzarelli Construction Company.

In 2002, Kankakee Valley Construction Company acquired the Azzarelli Construction Company. Today Kankakee Valley Construction Company has over 150 employees, owns more than 300 pieces of equipment, operates two asphalt plants, and is one of the largest highway contractors in north central Illinois.